Blissful Belly Colouring Journal

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Sit back and relax, pour yourself a cup of tea and immerse yourself in the contemplation that coloring brings. Take a moment for yourself and your baby, enjoy the life growing inside you by taking time for creativity and fun!

18 peaceful images await your inner artist as well as 9 journal pages for recording this miraculous time. Prompts such as dreams I have had, how am I nourishing myself and who will support me during labor are different from regular baby or pregnancy books.

Give yourself a treat, color and write your way through a blissful pregnancy, nourish the silent peace within you that will help you experience a blissful labor. Coloring puts you in  a right brain state, the same state you enter during birth.

Call on these feelings of peace as you birth your child, remember the words of encouragement contained on these pages. Bring the nourishing experience with you into your birthing experience.

This is a digital file that you will print out yourself. There is no shipping costs and no delivery waits. Print out the images for yourself as often as you like. They print very nicely on card stock or other thick paper. Use them to decorate your birth alter or frame them to hang in your home.


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“Your work is absolutely beautiful! I would love to collect it all! I have a thing for coloring and I am a birth junkie, so your art is so perfect for me. Thank you! I will be purchasing your coloring book soon as well!” – Carrie Ahr

“..the images are SO beautiful, and I am currently in the process of becoming a doula, so they really spoke to me! Colouring your beautiful pictures puts me in a meditative state and I relax completely! I am putting the completed pages in the journal I am making for my daughter for when she is pregnant with her own baby one day 🙂 I will be sharing with my clients when I get my doula business up and running as well” – Courtney Parker

A Source of Strength (art in process)

Another painting has been birthed 🙂 Here I share with you the process that this painting has underwent. You can see other art in process posts here and here.

This painting is meant to represent a woman in labor with her doula, midwife or partner there comforting her. Animal helpers are there as well, aiding in the process of birth, lending their medicine. Bears symbolizes strength and courage, she brings grounding and centering energy. The owl represents intuition and seeing beyond, it signifies a great change and transformation (which birth totally is!)

IMGP0100First I painted in the sky with cobalt blue and cobalt violet. Next I painted some light washes over the geometric pattern on her shirt and on the foreground. I use yellow ochre and burnt sienna with a little alizarin crimson.

IMGP0103I add a light wash of payne’s grey to their hair.

IMGP0104Next the bear in the foreground gets some color and the ladies skin gets a wash of purple.

IMGP0132I add green to the skin in the shadow areas.

IMGP0134You can see the green areas of their skin.

IMGP0136I add a wash of a light brown to the lady on the left.

IMGP0137I add a wash of a darker, redder brown to the lady on the right.

IMGP0138I add a wash of dark brown to both of them.

IMGP0163Now I start on the bear in the background. I use a light wash of red with a touch of alizarin crimson.

IMGP0164I use pencil crayons to add details to the geometric pattern. I use browns, reds and purples.

IMGP0213I have added detail with payne’s grey to the hair on the right. I added some payne’s grey to the bear in the background and some washes of light green-yellow to the rest of the background.

IMGP0215Adding layers of green over the green-yellow. Adding yellow to the bear and adding some layers of green and yellow to the trees.

IMGP0375The hair on the left is painted brown and the tattoos are colored. I have painted the owl and have added white dots to the hair and background. It’s almost finished!

support copyrightedThe finished painting 🙂 I am loving playing around with colors and practicing painting skin. It’s been a lot of fun.

Like this image? You can get the line art in my coloring book 🙂

You Did It (art in process)

IMGP9681Another painting started and completed. I am loving painting these images from my coloring book. I am loving using 8 x 10 inch paper, I can scan my finished painting myself! I will be offering prints of my finished paintings on Society 6. At this point I need to tweak my scans so that they print out really nice, I want to make sure that I am offering people a high quality product before I start selling.

IMGP9683I choose muted colors for this painting, I did a lot of color mixing, only using a couple colors straight from the tube. I used yellow ochre in all my color mixes, to give the painting a warm feel.

IMGP9841I am attempting to perfect my skin color skills, I wanted to try layering colors to see what results they would bring. I read online about creating skin tones and wanted to try the techniques I saw. I started with a light base of purple.

IMGP9838I then added a light layer of green into the shadows.

IMGP9871 Next came a layer of peach followed by some pink to her cheeks and lips. I deepened some of the shadows with more purple and some brown.

IMGP9872Now for the hair. A base of yellow, followed by browns.



IMGP9891The baby’s skin is done the same way and I start adding some details to the background with pen.

IMGP9897Baby’s skin is done and I have filled the painted spaces with lettering and doodles.

IMGP9902I add a light wash of color behind the mendhi flower and draw in small flowers with pen.

IMGP9905I decide to color in the flowers with pencil crayons, to get a deeper color and sharper lines.

IMGP9907Now that the flowers have been colored in, I add some black and indigo to the lines between the flower sections.

IMGP9908I darken up the lettering and add pencil crayon in places I want more color and a sharper line. I also paint a wash on the mehndi flower.

IMGP0088The final step is to add some pencil crayon detail to the mehndi flower and it is finished! (My photo is a bit discolored from taking this picture late at night, I will upload a better one soon.)

Hope you enjoy seeing the process! Comment and let me know what you think.

At First Sight (art in process)

I thought I would try to capture a painting in all its stages. I always like looking at other artists who share their works in progress so I thought I would do the same. Normally I only manage to get a couple shots of a painting in the works but this time I kept my camera close and made sure I snapped it lots!

IMGP9590Here is the drawing transfered on to watercolor paper and inked in with a Pigma Micron Pen.

IMGP9596Next, I added in some blue and green to the background and put some large salt on it.

IMGP9597The water gets a coat of blue

IMGP9653I colored her in with pencil crayons, I wanted to try them out instead of watercolors.

IMGP9655A close-up of her skin. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the graininess of the paper that shows with the pencil crayons, but I like the depth of color it creates.

IMGP9660Her hair gets a coat of brown watercolor. I have also added in more detail to the water.

IMGP9662The baby has been colored. Her hair has been filled in with pencil crayons.

IMGP9664Starting on the rest of the background.

IMGP9667Finishing the dark parts and adding salt.

IMGP9669Adding stars and coloring in the moons.

IMGP9671Its Finished!

IMGP9674aNow it just needs a title…..suggestions anyone?

(update: I have named it, At First Sight. Thanks to a suggestion on my facebook page.)

New Art Piece

With my coloring book done,  it is time to create art prints! Oh how I love creating! It truly is my passion and my love.

I have finished the first art piece, now I need to find a way to sell art prints. All in good time I say.


IMGP9220I didn’t like the flowers I had drawn so I covered it with black paint

IMGP9219I was using this lovely painting (not mine) of wolves to get an idea of the colors to use on my wolves.

IMGP9531And it is finished! I got rid of the black and instead added blue, much nicer I think.

IMGP9536A close-up.

It is Ready :D




My coloring book is done and ready for sale! I am so excited to be offering you a little piece of my heart.

I started work on this project at the beginning of 2013 and now at the end of this year it is finished. What a joy it is to create something, to have a project; it really gave me a sense of purpose everyday. Now my purpose is to promote this little endeavor, so if want to help please like my Facebook page 🙂

The book includes 18 coloring pages ranging from pregnancy to birth and breastfeeding. There are also 9 journal pages for recording your dreams, birth fears and more.

I have uploaded it to Payhip for selling, so please click this link to buy. If you have any problems please email me at




IMGP8471My coloring book has had a trial print! A a few of the images have lines on the sides that need to be erased but otherwise everything looks good.

I am getting closer to releasing this for sale and it is making me super excited, oh how I hope people will enjoy it.

It is my hope that pregnant women will get a lot of relaxation and contemplation time coloring my images. I would love for this book  to help women create a space for healing and emotional nourishment. Mothers need this silent space to help them tap into the primal part of themselves that takes over during birth, and to work through their fears and blocks that may hinder a smooth labor.

By coloring these images, women are bringing forth that brain state that they will need during birth, that creative, silent space. The images will help them to envision a birth that is joyous and peaceful. During birth they can recall the relaxed feelings they had coloring the images as well as the quite alertness that coloring facilitates. They can remember the words contained in the images as well as the woman and babies. It can remind them of the desire they have for a peaceful birth experience.

I wanted to share some close-ups of some of the images so you can get a feel for the style of this book.

9185sneak peek2

Thanks everyone for your interest in this project, you help me trudge forward! I will keep you posted on the process.

Getting Closer

Awhile back I posted about a coloring book I am creating. It is called Blissful Belly Coloring Journal and I am happy to say that it is almost finished!

Oh I couldn’t be more excited.

I am so pleased to be able to offer something that I love to others. I love art, I love coloring and I love pregnancy. This coloring book is also a journal, and it is my hope that it will function as a contemplative tool during pregnancy. I would love for woman to take time to color and relax, to envision their births, to honor their bodies and the process of bringing a new life into this world. It is such a miraculous time and I imagine that the finished coloring journal will be a lovely keepsake.

The cover is ready and I have most of the images ready as well. My next steps are to put it all together as one digital file and create a buy now button to put on the blog.

cover wipThe Cover